Who Are The Top 100 Gear Gurus?  Print Article

The Top 100 Gear Gurus are the community’s most prolific writers/contributors. Reviews, questions, answers, comments, photos, votes—these gear experts have submitted more than anyone else.

The Top 100 Gear Gurus have some serious bragging rights: they have made more contributions than over 99.8% of all users.

Wanna be in the Top 100? You better get going:

Write a Review.

Ask a Question.

Answer a Question.

Upload a Gear Photo or Video.

Comment on Reviews, Questions, Answers or Photos

Get 1.5x Credit For Using Your Real Name.

And remember: you gain an extra point whenever someone gives one of your contributions a thumbs up (and you’re docked for every thumbs down). The community wants quality, not just quantity.

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