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What is combined shipping?

Here at we understand that shipping every one of your orders separately costs you extra money and causes excess shipping materials to be wasted. So, we’ve created a combined shipping option to sweeten the taste of multiple steals and show the Earth more love.

Is this available for international orders?

We’re very sorry but this option is only available to US customers. International orders cannot be combined.

Are all items eligible?

Unfortunately, not every item is eligible for this shipping program. Most of our products are in the same warehouse but larger items such as bike frames, wheels, surfboards, skateboards, skis, and snowboards exist in a separate location. These larger products are the ones that cannot be combined with other items for shipping. Things like boots, helmets, jackets, shoes, shirts, and socks should be just fine.

How does it work?

When you finalize your first order you will be given the option to have us hold your eligible items so you can add more deals or you don't do anything and it we'll ship it as fast as possible. You will have five minutes to decide what you would like to do. If the item you ordered is not eligible for combined shipping, you will be informed and it will ship out wicked fast.

After your first order, the combined shipping option will appear along with the other shipping options if the item is eligible for combined shipping.

You will be charged for your item and regular shipping price on the first order, according to the shipping method you choose. No matter what that shipping option is, each time you add an item to your order you will be charged the price of that item and $0.99 for shipping. This means if you want to add three new items at once you will be charged $0.99 for each of those items.

We will hold the order for seven days, while you add items to your heart’s delight, before shipping via the shipping method you have chosen. You can go into your order history page at any time and choose to ship the order before the seven days is up but you will not be able to modify your shipping method or shipping address.

What do I need to remember?

  • International orders are not eligible.
  • Not all items are eligible for the combined shipping option.
  • Once you decide to hold your first order you have seven days to add more items before we ship the order.
  • Once you have a held order on your account, the option to combine will appear along with other shipping options in the cart, if the item is eligible.
  • Each additional item will incur a $0.99 shipping charge. So when you add three items at once, you will be charged $0.99 three times (e.g. $2.97).
  • You can go to your order history page at any time during those seven days and ship the order before time is up.
  • Shipping methods and shipping addresses cannot be modified while an order is being held.

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