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Simply Put: The more reviews, questions, answers and comments you write and the more photos and videos you upload, the higher your ranking will be. You get three points for every video, photo or review, two points for every answer, and one point for every question, comment and wish list. If you use your real name, you’re rewarded with a 1.5x boost for each submission. Why? Because you deserve credit for trusting your judgment and putting your reputation on the line to make this community better.


Being Helpful Counts: You gain an extra point every time someone gives one of your reviews, gear photos, videos, questions, answers or comments a thumbs up.  


Decay: As time progresses, your point total will decrease.  Why?  We want the Leaderboard to reflect the current contributors, not the person who did something 3 years ago and hasn't been back since.  Points have a half-life of 190 days, which means that 1 point will be worth .5 points after 190 days and .25 points after 380 days.


Overall Store Ranking:This is the number under your name on the Leaderboard and at the top of your Profile. This number represents how you compare to all the other gear freaks in the community.

Employee Leaderboard: Just in case you were wondering: employees are ranked separately in the Employees tab of the leaderboard. Click here to search for Gearheads who have used the products you're looking for or to browse through the profiles of the people who make great.

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